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Setup Unlimited Email With Dedicated SMTP Server

Dear Business Partner, 
I will setup Postfix  SMTP Server on Linux vps with Centos(Latest)Operation System, for email marketing to send bulk email. You can send unlimited email per day as per our package,


  • Send 5k mails/hour, as per package configuration
  • Maximum emails land in your inbox.
  • Bounce and unsubscribe features
  • IPs Managements, If block will fix it as per package.

I Will Setup your own SMTP Server!

  • Preconfigured for your needs
  • Linux OS(Centos-64 with latest)
  • Software installed: Maxbulkmailer Tools for Desktop, Interspire email marketing for Online tools
  • IPs Warm-up Process.
  • Have your own clean domain to send from (domain previously checked to be not blacklisted)
  • Automatically clean your List with use of Suppression List features
  • Spam Score Testing
  • Dynamic Content Tag
  • Auto responder
  • Split Testing
  • Lists (Create,Edit,Remove)
  • Sending with Unlimited email
  • And more
I would like to offer my skills to your project. I have demonstrated excellent  jobs
It's only fair to share...