Remove Your Personal Information From People Search Sites

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data leak there has been an uproar of personal info and data leaked all over the web. so now anyone can just google your name or phone number or even your Facebook name and find all of the key personal information about you.
But do not fear! I’m here to resolve that all today.
With my skills i will navigate through the web any sensitive information that i may find.
it might not be all, but it will be way less than it was out there.
I am not removing any personal information that you may have on Facebook, but I am removing information that  a simple google search  may bring back.

Please make sure you contact me first in order to make sure that your information is actually exposed on the web.
The number of listings you want removed will be the number of screen shots of information that I send you to be removed.

The removing of your information will not be instant. It is a process to get everything taken down. So after submitting requests to remove your information, some may take up to 3-5 to actually go into effect. So we will keep in touch until your information is completely removed.

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