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Professionally Edit And Proofread Your Document

I will proofread and edit any document you need me to. If you have a document longer than what my packages offer, or if you would like me to check for anything else, please message me so I can accommodate for you.
I will check for spelling and grammar issues.
Please send me your file in a word doc. If you have it in another format, message me first to see if I can accommodate for it.
I do NOT format documents.
Please let me know if you have any questions prior to choosing your package.

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Write Gripping, Industry Screenplays For Your Films

Hey! Thank you for checking out my gig!

Have you ever wanted to create a TV Episode or Short/Feature Film that requires a gripping script?  However, if you aren’t the best with writing scripts/screenplays, that’s where I come in!

I am a passionate screenwriter and studying Film and TV Production at University. I have wrote many scripts and screenplays as both a hobby and work.

As my packages suggest, I write either a TV Episode, Short film or a feature film.
The story is all yours (this is your script after all!) however if you are struggling then do not hesitate to give me freedom with your screenplay!
I will use be using CELTX to write the screenplay and I will provide you with source and PDF files for your own personal changes!

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Proofread and edit your apa style paper

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Remove plagiarism, paraphrase, rewrite your 10,000 words doc remove plagiarism, paraphrase, rewrite your 10,000 words doc


I will manually rewrite your document and remove plagiarism from it by human intelligence; I hate spinning software.

Trust my topnotch rewriting and writing skill today; you will be amazed.

Order now or contact me!

Kindly check my other writing gig services.

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Assist In Health And Nursing Tasks

Please contact us before placing your order!!!!

Hello everyone!!!
Are you wondering where you can find help concerning your nursing and health care related problems? please worry no more. My team offers exceptionally professional services in all the prerequisites; core and specialized research fields. Below are some of the services you should be expecting from our team although not limited to the mentioned only;

  •  Analytical Response where we analyze key elements of a given case. This goes a long way in equipping health care personnel to be able to analyze symptoms of a corresponding case.
  • Interpretive/ Reflective Response where key idea from a nursing context is focused on
  • Advise on the appropriate health care plan for people suffering from various ailments.
  • Basic research meant to enhance knowledge in the nursing and public health.

Our promise is to guide you through the process professionally. As medical practitioners, we are guided  by our pledge of service that go a long way in enabling us meet our minimum standards.

Please contact us before placing your order!!!!

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Translate from english to italian and more

Hello! I’m Camelia. assessed with C1 level in English and Italian, lot of experience in translating from:

  • English to Romanian (vice versa)
  • English to Italian (vice versa)
  • Romanian to Italian (vice versa)
I can translate any type of document, articles, text, music lyrics, letters, websites, games, apps, marketing, ads, SEO, ebooks, manuals.

I do not use any machine translation software. Everything is translated by hand! No Google Translate or similar software!



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Write an original article for your blog


  • Blogging provides your business with innumerable ways to convert leads into sales today.
  • From offered up expertise, to enhanced SEO, every business needs to invest a little time into it.
  • I will do original content writing for website to rank higher on search engine, using my SEO knowledge.
  • I will do unique article writing for great user experience, using my copywriting skill.
  • Well researched article
  • SEO article for higher ranking
  • On-time delivery
  • 100% original content
  • 100% copyright ownership
  • Price is based on word. I can create a custom offer if you have longer or a different kind of writing project.


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Outstanding Research and Summary

I provide help/assistance/tutoring to clients in order to achieve their goals and objectives with professional RESEARCH content. You can improve your RESEARCH AND WRITING performance by trying my services for best results.
Achieve online RESEARCH excellence at the lowest cost with the quickest turnaround time.
100% Original & Authentic online RESEARCH AND SUMMARY WRITING
100% Refund Guarantee
Adherence to Deadlines
Plagiarism Free Guarantee
I’m committed to providing 100% non-plagiarized content to my customers ( YOU CAN CHECK MY REVIEWS) and to ensure that I use the latest plagiarism checker tools.
Take the time to peruse the fantastic benefits that you can take advantage of when you order the best RESEARCH AND SUMMARY WRITING services on this Fiverr platform.
If you require help with any type of RESEARCH AND SUMMARY WRITING, then feel free to contact me, I would love to help, and I will reply as soon as possible.
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Proofread and edit professionally

I provide professional proofreading, editing, and revision. I edit using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes so my revision can be viewed beside the original text.

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