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Scrap Data For You

I can perform following tasks.

1)Scrap Data from Any website.
2)Store in Database as Backup
3)Export the Scrap Data into required format like xls,csv etc

I provide Solutions in Timely and Professional Way


  1. Please ping me before you place the order, so that we can mutually agree on the cost of the project and delivery schedule!
  2. Please remember to bookmark my GIG or add this in your collections here in Fiverr, so that finding out me again would be much easier for you next time!
  3. If you Need Some Samples format , Let Me Know. Ready to do the Samples.
    Give you best quality work within a few days. 
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Web scraping

“Please message me before place the GIG Order”

I can help you with web scraping or data extraction from website.

If you want to extract structured data from some other website and put this data into csv, excel OR mysql.

I can provide scraped (parsing) data in whatever format you want : xlsx, csv OR mysql.

– Just send me any website link and list of your required fields.
– If you have sample file it would be great. but
If you don’t have, No worries i will make for you. we will do changes according to your suggestions.
For big job charge you more and that will be defined based on amount of coding required and time taken.

It's only fair to share...