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Real Estate Photo Editing


Perfect for Real Estate Photos

– Fast and Reliable Service
– Fast Turn around
– High Quality of images
– Approachable and willing to do what client’s request


BIG Discounts for BIG Orders! 

Below is my workflow for editing :

–  Perspective correction
–  Color cast remover (color correction)
–  Light Distribution
–  Contrast and Saturation
–  Sharpen and Resize

– HDR Process
– Adjustments
– Blending multiple Exposures
– Enhancement
– Sky Replacement
– Removing Chromatic Abberation
– Window Masking
– Color correction / White Balance
– Day to dusk sky replacements
– Correcting Verticals  & Horizontal Straightening
– removing Dusk / Sun spots.
– Object Removal
– Removing pool cleaner / Changing pool color
– Adding image on the TV screen
– Add fireplace on any type
– Flash and Shadow Removal

NB: Best results are achieved when the original photo is in focus, taken with a DSLR/Mirorrless and provided at full resolution.

If you have any question about my work, Do not hesitate to ask.

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Real Estate Marketing Video w/ Google Earth Zoom In

I will create a stunning video slideshow of your real estate property to help sell your house.

For only $5 Basic gig you will receive:

– One minute video
– Background music
– Up to 10 images
– Full text captions
– High definition

**Now offering a dynamic Earth Zoom In with Standard and voiceover with Premium Packages***
Basic – $5
60 second basic video slideshow
Up to10 photos or images to create a slideshow of the property
Standard – $10  (RECOMMENDED)
60 Seconds + Google Earth Zoom In
Basic deal with added google earth fly-in to the exact property address.
Premium – $20
60 seconds + Google Earth + Voiceover
Standard deal with added female narration voiceover from a script you provide.

Gig Extras:

Rush Order (1 day) + $5
60 added seconds and up to 10 additional images + $5

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Write 600 words of quality SEO optimized real estate articles


I am a professional writer and Blogger with 3 years of experience worked for three top real estate companies in America so I have a lot to offer when it comes to Real estate.

Shoot up your Traffic
Profound keyword research
Unique and Original Content
Plagiarism Checked and pass
Complete ownership of work

Just give me your

Target keyword

and let me do the rest
Please contact me before you order

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