Create a custom, unique logo for you

1) I will give you 3 hand drawn, original black/white sketches to choose 1 idea that you like – I will do this as quickly as possible.
2) Once you have picked 1 idea – I will digitize that version into a vector file with 3 different variations in color and/or layout that may appeal to you.  If you don’t like any of the versions – I will create another one based on your suggestions.  I highly suggest you keep the logo in a vector format since it can easily be sized without loss of resolution.
3) I will send you the vector file and any other file format that you need.

I guarantee that the logo is original and never been used before.  I live in the US and all the work is done by me.

Please contact me FIRST if you think your order deviates from the description and I will make you a custom quote. Thanks.

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